BRAND NEW! Malcolm X was one of the most dynamic and intelligent human rights leaders in history. His uncompromising message of self-defense and self-knowledge spoke not only to black people in America, but to oppressed people all over the world. His clear, forceful delivery marked with wit and striking metaphors made him a brilliant communicator. This new 4-DVD collection includes all of his major appearances from an early interview with Mike Wallace to his time in the Nation of Islam to his return from Mecca. This exclusive collection plays on any DVD player and is region-free. This collection is only available through this site. The Malcolm X DVD collection includes:

Malcolm X Collection: Volume One
Minister Malcolm X

Malcolm X in Los Angeles (May 5, 1962): Malcolm X speaks to an audience in Los Angeles after several unarmed Muslims were attacked and one of them killed by the LAPD. (40 minutes)

City Desk Interview (March 27, 1963): Rare color footage of Malcolm X on television program in Chicago. Malcolm X explains why members of the Nation of Islam take "X" as their last name and also discusses how he came to join the Nation. (30 min.)

Video Excerpts: Malcolm X on Black Nationalism • Malcolm X on African History • Who Are You? • Malcolm X on the Police • The House Negro and the Field Negro • Do You Consider Yourself Militant?

Special Feature - James Baldwin on Malcolm X: In this rare interview, James Baldwin talks to Dr. Kenneth Clark about why Malcolm X and his message appeals to so many people.

Malcolm X Collection: Volume Two
An American Nightmare

Interview at UC Berkeley (October 11, 1963): Malcolm X is interviewed bat UC Berkeley by Herman Blake and John Leggett. Malcolm X counters the view that the Nation of Islam advocates violence, explaining that they advocate self-defense. (30 min.)

Interview with Kenneth Clark (June 24, 1963): In this interview with Dr. Kenneth Clark, Malcolm X explains the goals of the Nation of Islam and explains his opinion of Dr. Martin Luther King's approach. (15 min.)

Video Excerpts: Malcolm X in Selma, Alabama • On the Second Amendment • On the Murder of Ronald Stokes • By Any Means Necessary • On the Harlem Police

Special Feature: Dr. Martin Luther King on Malcolm X: In this rare interview, Dr. Martin Luther King explains the difference between his philosophy and the beliefs of Malcolm X. (15 min.)

Malcolm X Collection: Volume Three
El-Hajj Malik El-Shabazz

Malcolm X at Oxford Union Debate (December 3, 1964): Malcolm X debates at Oxford University on the resolution, "Extremism in defense of liberty is no virtue, moderation in the pursuit of Justice is no Virtue". (15 min.)

Front Page Challenge (January 5, 1965): Malcolm X appears on a Canadian television show only a few weeks before he was assassinated. He makes it clear that his pilgrimage to Mecca has changed his attitude. (30 min)

Video Excerpts: Mike Wallace Interview • Appealing to the United Nations • The Problem is Still Here • Malcolm X interviewed in England • Malcolm X on JFK and Birmingham • Malcolm X Speaks • On Patrice Lumumba

Special Feature - Organization of Afro-American Unity Founding Rally (June 28, 1964): Malcolm X speaks at the Audubon Ballroom upon his return from Africa for the first meeting
of the Organization of Afro-American Unity. (7 min.)

Malcolm X Collection: Volume Four
The Assassination Files

Leaving the Nation: Press conference after returning from Mecca • The Power Shifts to Africa • Malcolm X after the NOI • Why I Left the Nation of Islam • I Probably am a Dead Man Already

After the Firebombing: Malcolm X exposes Elijah Muhammad • Malcolm X on the Firebombing of his home • Our African Brothers

The Assassination: February 21, 1965 • The Funeral of Malcolm X • The Burial of Malcolm X • Eyewitness to the Assassination • Harlem Reacts • Betty Shabazz Interview • James Baldwin Interview • Dr. Martin Luther King Interview

February 21, 1965: Unedited news footage from the day Malcolm X was assassinated. (20 min.)

Special Feature - Malcolm X's Secret Recording of the FBI: On February 4, 1965, the FBI visited Malcolm X looking for information on the Nation of Islam. Malcolm secretly recorded this conversation where the FBI agents offer to bribe him and to eliminate his enemies.

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