Malcolm X was one of the world's most important human rights leaders and an incredibly gifted speaker. Now he can be seen on a new collection of the most complete Malcolm X video material ever assembled. This collection includes over 14 hours of video, easily downloadable, and is playable on any computer, iPhone or iPad! This is the most complete collection of Malcolm X speeches, debates and interviews ever assembled! Click on the link below to order now.

The Malcolm X Collection includes the following material. You are strongly encouraged to share this material with friends and family. All material in MP4 format and is playable on any computer, Mac or PC, iPad, iPhone or other mobile device. The Malcolm X Collection features the following content:
VIDEO (14 hours)

  • 1962 Bayard Rustin Debate (15 min)
  • 1962 Los Angeles (40 min)
  • 1963 Berkeley (45 min)
  • 1963 City Desk (30 min)
  • 1963 Kenneth Clark (15 min)
  • 1963 Open Mind (120 min)
  • 1964 Front Page Challenge (15 min)
  • 1964 Oxford Union Debate (15 min)
  • 1972 Malcolm X Doc (90 min)
  • 1995 Assassination of Malcolm X (90 min)
  • Malcolm X: The Fear is Gone
  • Malcolm X after the NOI
  • Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Meeting
  • Malcolm X argues for education not legislation
  • Malcolm X condemns the police of Harlem
  • Malcolm X exposes Media Manipulation
  • Malcolm X in 1964
  • Malcolm X in Selma, Alabama
  • Malcolm X interviewed in England
  • Malcolm X Lecture to Women
  • Malcolm X on African History
  • Malcolm X on Black Nationalism
  • Malcolm X on Colonialism in the Congo
  • Malcolm X on JFK and Birmingham
  • Malcolm X on Muhammad Ali
  • Malcolm X on New York City School Boycott
  • Malcolm X on The Black Bourgeoisie
  • Malcolm X on the House Negro and Field Negro
  • Malcolm X on the KKK
  • Malcolm X on the Second Amendment
  • Malcolm X on the United Nations
  • Malcolm X on White People's Guilt Complex
  • Malcolm X Protests the NYPD
  • Malcolm X Return From Mecca
  • Malcolm X speaks against integration
  • OAAU Founding Rally
  • Malcolm X: The Problem is Still Here
  • Malcolm X Rally in Harlem
  • Who Are You?
  • Betty Shabazz Interview
  • Eyewitnesses to the Assassination
  • Harlem reacts
  • James Baldwin on Malcolm X
  • Martin Luther King Interview
  • Martin Luther King on the Assassination
  • Secret recording of the FBI by Malcolm X (Feb. 4, 1964)
  • The Burial of Malcolm X
  • The COINTELPRO operation against Malcolm X
  • The Funeral of Malcolm X
  • Africa Power Shift
  • After the Firebombing
  • Assassination
  • Comments in Paris
  • Malcolm X at Cornhill Methodist Church
  • Early Mike Wallace Interview
  • Eviction Proceedings against Malcolm X
  • I Probably am a Dead Man Already
  • Malcolm on the Police

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